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Why should I come to CONNECT?

Our relationship with God is the most important thing about us. Some of us are moving towards God and enjoying His presence in our lives. Others are stuck and perhaps needs a jump start. Others are moving away from God. Regardless, all of us live in relation to God. No matter where you are, would you be willing to take time to grow in your relationship with God over the summer holiday?

CONNECT is a great opportunity for you to invest in the most important thing about you. It's like a greenhouse environment that helps accelerate your spiritual growth. Our relationship with God was made to be lived out in community with others who follow Jesus as well. In fact, Pope Francis once said, “Christians are not made in a laboratory, but in a community…” At CONNECT, in the context of community, you will have the opportunity to grow in your own relationship with God and learn how to help others in their spiritual journey towards God as well. Come invest a week into the most important part of who you are!

What will we do?

You’ll wake up to the sound of crashing waves at a youth hostel in Portorož, with a great view of the sea. Surrounded by fellow Slovene students as well as students from America, we will: 

  • Connect with God - by having chances to grow closer to Him through talking about the Bible together

  • Connect with other Christians - by building new friendships with one another and having lots of fun on the seaside

  • Connect with the world around us- by learning how to talk about God with others, listen to others, and ask good questions

What is a typical day like?

Mornings will be spent focusing on your own relationship with God. We will have time alone with God to read the Bible and pray, we will learn about our relationship with God through talks and small groups and we'll sing worship songs together.

Afternoons will be spent in pairs and small groups in Potorož, Piran, Izola, and Koper. We'll meet new people and learn about their perspective on God and other important life topics. We will have chances to swim and enjoy the sea too!

Evenings will be full of fun! Fun! Fun! It is summer holiday after all. Movie night, games, hanging out with friends, 

Who else is going?

American students involved in Vsak Študent in Ohio as well as Slovene students involved in Vsak Študent here will all spend the week of CONNECT together.

How much does it cost?

155€ for housing and all food for the week of 4. - 9. July

When is the registration deadline?

June 21th

Where are we staying? 

We will be staying together at Dijaški Dom Potoroz, Sončna pot 20, 6320 Portorož

What should I bring?

A Bible and whatever you need to be at the seaside for a week.

How will I get there?

Transportation will be arranged and is included in the 155€ cost.